Kirsten and her long time love Matt were recently married.  The day was beautiful as was the bride and the groom was so handsome as he stood by her side.  We wish Kirsten and Matt a lifetime of love and happiness together!


This is the new home for  As some of you know, our site was taken over by a web hosting company (not webs).  Although they admitted that we do own the domain, they refused to release our content. Our nine years of compiling information and photos on Kirstens career were lost.  It was a tough thing to accept that because of a simple error by our web builder (who we still love), we cannot fight for the return of our content.

That said, maybe this is a good time for a new beginning.  Our web builder is no longer with us so our site will not be as pretty as the old one.  However, we will still continue to support our favorite actress and provide our fellow Kirsten fans with all the latest news and photos.  It will take a while to get all the information added to this old site so be patient.  We will get there!

Love to all, team